The best guide for smart phone travelers

If you use your phone while you are away from home, you could return home to a huge bill for roaming. Voice calls are expensive and data roaming charges can be even bigger. But getting the right SIM card in another country and making it work properly can be just as hard. So how can you guarantee the best prepaid travel SIM card deals?

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. At Smart Phone Travel, we publish the only eBooks that show you how and where to find the best prepaid travel SIM cards for phone calls, texts, and data when you’re away from your home country. Each of our Smart Phone Traveler’s Guides will pay for itself, many times over.

Our most recent guides cover the ins and outs of buying the right prepaid SIM cards in the USA, prepaid SIM cards in Australia, and prepaid SIM cards in Canada. We’re putting out loads more guides every month, so please check back or get in touch if we don’t yet have the country you need.

We also have a regularly updated Smart Phone Travel Blog, which keeps you up to date with the most interesting and important smartphone news and product reviews, as well as letting you know whenever we launch a new guide. The blog is a must-read if you’re planning on traveling away from home with your smartphone.

Why Smart Phone Travel?

There’s an old (in mobile data years, at least) joke: ‘smartphone, dumb user’. When we were first planning our series of guides, we realized that our readers would be the opposite: people who aren’t just traveling with their smartphone, but also people who are trying to travel smart. And it’s not smart to run up a roaming bill of hundreds of dollars, or to spend days figuring out a foreign country’s bizarre phone tariffs when someone else can do if for you for a few bucks. So, since we figured we’d be catering for smart phone travelers, we decided to call ourselves Smart Phone Travel. That’s it, really.